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Hugh Howey

Hugh Howey  is a self published ebook wunderkind. He self published sci-fi My Wool series  in the Fall of 2011 and it became an overnight success.  He enjoyed a place as  #1 Bestseller in Science Fiction on Amazon, and his film was optioned by Ridley Scott and Steve Zailli  for a potential feature film.

As a result of finding that  “half of the top 10 bestselling science fiction authors on Amazon right now are self-published or published with Amazon” he  recently blogged on what advice he had for traditional publishers.

The first thing I would do would be the most important, and that would be to form a community among my stable of HarperCollins authors. I haven’t seen this discussed anywhere else (makes me wonder if it’s a daft idea), but I think the #1 advantage self-published authors have right now is a sense of community. We hang out in the same forums (usually KBoard’s Writers’ Cafe); we chat with each other on FB and in private groups and through email lists; we congregate at conventions and conferences; and we share with one another. We share sales data. We share promotional tools and ideas. We let one another know what works and what doesn’t. If there’s a glitch with a distributor, we point it out. If there’s a way to increase visibility, we tell everyone. If we stumble upon a secret, we broadcast it.

Howey’s vision for the future of publishing is our vision to for the future of non fiction publishing. Please let us know whether you share this dream by connecting with us on Facebook or commenting below.





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