The mission of ChangingTimes Press is to fill the gap between the old-style gate-keeper publisher and the new world of online self-publishers.  We recognize that in this new environment authors can feel bewildered by the range of decisions they have to confront if they choose today’s’ popular self publishing route. Questions range from do you pay upfront for expensive editorial or e-book formatting services from middle men?  Or do you try to go it alone and learn the time consuming business of submitting your book to Amazon, or the other online vendors, and risk producing a product that might fall short of quality expectations?   Our unique niche is that we provide old-fashioned encouragement and support, as well as editorial and marketing expertise, to turn your idea, manuscript or blog into book form, for free.  We will also submit your book to Amazon, Kindle, Nook, Kobo and Apple for no charge, providing you supply us with a manuscript in an E-Pub format.  So what is the catch? For all these services you risk nothing but simply agree to pay us 15% of any publication royalties you receive.

We are looking for non-fiction material written from a distinctive angle or perspective. We want to fill a gap between longer scholarly work penned for fellow academics and shorter work capable of reaching a wider audience unimpressed with  jargon. Our priority interest is in cultural and political writing that challenges conventional wisdom and throws new light on current issues or recent history.

The books we publish may be singly or jointly authored by a group of individuals contributing to a common publication. However, whatever the nature of the authorship, we look forward to inviting you to become  a member of a productive collaborative community of writers and readers who are keen to participate in a new kind of publishing project.

Please use the Contact Us button to let us know more about your interests in writing and publishing and don’t forget to “like us” on our Facebook Page! We very much look forward to working with you on your next project.

Laurence and Mike Peters