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Turning the sixty –is a big event in people’s lives. There are few ceremonies or rights of passage–maybe you retire or maybe you plough on in a job for a few more years.

Society nowadays provides  few clues as to what you should do or how you to behave–should you retire? Volunteer somewhere?  Move to Florida and take up golf?  Most of us, conditioned from an early age to believe that work defines us, don’t have any clear ideas but are too often left with angst and confusion as to our next steps. Enter books.  Writers from Aeschylus to Tolstoy have tried to capture the realities of what it is like  to go through a midlife crisis and survive. In this connection it is interesting to note that the motto over in the world’s oldest library in Ancient Egypt read: “House of Healing for the Soul” and that the tradition of using books to help people understand their suffering has spawned the science of bibliotherapy the most popular and most widely used form of cognitive behavior therapy.


But what are the best books to read about all the ingredients of that crisis? Librarians may have some answers for you but so far there is no one book in the marketplace that  provides you with a complete reading list on both downbeat topics like Depression, Meaning, Remorse,  as well as upbeat ones such as Creativity, Legacy Building, Living in the Present. The upcoming A-Z guide, from Anxiety to Zero-Sum thinking  will give you a complete reading list according to topic that includes recommendations of  readable novels,  accessible philosophy, insightful poetry that can build up your sense

of what is now important now in your second half of life and how to reconnect to the world again.  You will rediscover why some works are called timeless classics and how their wisdom continues to provide meaningful guidance in a confused and anxiety ridden present.  Priced at $25.00 and at 125 pages when it is printed in December 2015  the book is available by special order as an ebook for $4.99 in September this year if you sign up for early delivery here






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