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John McMillian Author of Beatles vs Stones

I interviewed John McMillian about his new book and the cultural dimensions of the classic rivalry. As Tom Wolfe wrote, “The Beatles want to hold your hand, but the Stones want to burn down your town.” As McMillian writes “Both groups liked to maintain that they weren’t really “rivals”—that was just a media myth, they politely said—but on both sides of the Atlantic, they plainly competed for commercial success and aesthetic credibility.  We discuss all these aspects including the way the two groups appealed to different youth subcultures. As McMillian comments “Although the Beatles always sold more records than the Stones, the Stones seemed to win greater credibility with the “right” types of fans: discerning bohemians, as opposed to hysterical teenyboppers. Later, the Beatles embraced Flower Power, while the Stones briefly aligned themselves with New Left militance. Ever since, writers and historians have associated the Beatles with the gauzy idealism of the “good” sixties and portrayed the Stones as representatives of the dangerous and nihilistic “bad” sixties. Beatles vs. Stones explodes that split.”

Beatles vs Stones


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